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Day 37 – Last Weekly Update Vlog + Sore Traps

I almost forgot to publish my vlog today. I would have scheduled it, but I hadn't made the thumbnail or filled out my description yet. Anyway, I explained in my video that I am kicking weekly vlogs to monthly or bimonthly. Daily blogs will still be a thing, but watch the video if you want… Continue reading Day 37 – Last Weekly Update Vlog + Sore Traps

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Day 30 – Snackage + Update Vlog

I posted a new video today. Short and sweet. I am starting to have nothing to say because nothing is really changing, and if it is, It is doing it super slowly. I think updates once a week is a little bit much, especially since I have stopped exercising. I might dial it back to… Continue reading Day 30 – Snackage + Update Vlog

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Day 16 – Vlog Update and New Goals

(It is currently 4am and I am half asleep. So short and sweet sounds great, and if there are typos, I am sorry!!) I posted my new video today. I summarized my week and made a couple new goals. You can watch here if you want to. I have talked about my new goals all… Continue reading Day 16 – Vlog Update and New Goals