Weight Loss

Day 34 – When Conscious Meets Subconscious

I woke up from a dream feeling like my weight loss wasn’t all it could be. Subconscious has not met conscious. I feel like everything is going to come together soon. I am out of potatoes and bread, there’s no white rice in the house, and I am trying my best to stay away from… Continue reading Day 34 – When Conscious Meets Subconscious

Weight Loss

Day 12 – Food and Strategizing

We have food!!! I am so excited. I made my breakfast pre-my mom getting back from the store. Same bell pepper/spinach omelette from a couple of days ago. I am getting better at folding it. I didn’t add avocado this time because apparently I’m not a big plain avo fan? Like I guac and everything… Continue reading Day 12 – Food and Strategizing