Weight Loss

8.16.17 Pretty Passable Day

SW/CW: 365DIETToday was a better food day. I had the rest of the lasagna, a big ass salad with chicken, some left over mac and cheese my parents brought home from San Diego, and some Halo Top Ice cream. My Fitness Pal says I am under calories according to my Fitbit adjustment. I am going… Continue reading 8.16.17 Pretty Passable Day

Weight Loss

10 Million Day One’s

Well, I don’t know what day I am on. As far as I am concerned, this is Day 1 again, but I think that might get a little confusing. I am going to have like 10 million Day 1’s, but 10 million Day 1’s are better than giving up for good. I mean, one Day… Continue reading 10 Million Day One’s