Weight Loss

Day 31 – Deep Squats and Tiny Chopped Up Hotdogs

I am working on deepening my squats. After a week, I can get lower than when I started and they are getting easier even though I have to do more. I am so lazy and I was like “Meh I am gonna drop this, fuck it” but I did today's anyway. I am thinking that… Continue reading Day 31 – Deep Squats and Tiny Chopped Up Hotdogs

Weight Loss

Day 28 – Lots of Chicken

I had a lot of chicken today that I was too lazy to photograph. My insta game has been sad lately. It should get better once I get back to a regular schedule. My parents have been gone since Thursday so I have been taking it super easy and not posting much anywhere. Anyway, I… Continue reading Day 28 – Lots of Chicken

Weight Loss

Day 25 – Accidental Whoosh

(Accidental whoosh sounds like the thing that happens when automatic toilets flush at the wrong time...anyway…)  TWENTY FIVE DAYS AND I FINALLY SEE A LOSS. FINALLY. I weighed in at 342 and I am PSYCHED. PSYCHED. It has been a WHILE. Whenever I try to have a whoosh, I never get it but it always… Continue reading Day 25 – Accidental Whoosh