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Little Victories Are Important 6.29.18

I spent the last hour and a half writing another blog post (located here if you're interested in checking it out) and it is my bedtime right now, but I wanted to hop on here and talk about my day. I weighed myself and the scale proved itself arbitrary yet again. I was at 358.6lbs… Continue reading Little Victories Are Important 6.29.18

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Ghost Weight 6.28.18

I am the most confused right now. I have been part of the dietbet for a total of 3 days, today will be the 4th. I have made an intentional effort to eat differently and try to lose weight a total of 0 days. I had like two homemade milkshakes yesterday, okay? So can someone… Continue reading Ghost Weight 6.28.18

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8.21.17 Great Workout!

SW: 365CW: 361.2 DIET Today I woke up pretty late and had to get ready for a meeting for the play I am in, so I didn't have any food until around 4pm. I had a sushi burrito from the local Poke & Noodle place along with something they call Monkey Balls. I don't know… Continue reading 8.21.17 Great Workout!

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8.20.17 My Leg Hates Me

DIETI have still been struggling to stay under calories. I have bad days and better days but I am improving on counting the calories. I'm counting almost every single one Baby steps, I guess. Today, I had pasta, cinnamon toast crunch twice, and a chicken caesar salad. I have been Incorporating more vegetables into my… Continue reading 8.20.17 My Leg Hates Me

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8.16.17 Pretty Passable Day

SW/CW: 365DIETToday was a better food day. I had the rest of the lasagna, a big ass salad with chicken, some left over mac and cheese my parents brought home from San Diego, and some Halo Top Ice cream. My Fitness Pal says I am under calories according to my Fitbit adjustment. I am going… Continue reading 8.16.17 Pretty Passable Day

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8.15.17 Back in the Saddle Again

SW/CW : 365Heyyy...long time no see...I am here. Back to my highest weight...ya know, shit happens. DIET I am trying super hard to get back into the swing of things, but I cannot seem to get a grasp on my diet. I am totally over eating. I eat portions that are too big, I am… Continue reading 8.15.17 Back in the Saddle Again

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Whoa! Today Was a Good Day? 

If I didn’t forget anything, I think I ate under calories today! What what!! I just synced my Fitbit and I killed it! I ran a couple errands, and helped with cleaning my air conditioner and other handy work type things. All green today! So even if I did miss counting something, it didn’t matter!… Continue reading Whoa! Today Was a Good Day?