Weight Loss

Whoa! Today Was a Good Day? 

If I didn’t forget anything, I think I ate under calories today! What what!! I just synced my Fitbit and I killed it! I ran a couple errands, and helped with cleaning my air conditioner and other handy work type things. All green today! So even if I did miss counting something, it didn’t matter! 

I had the same breakfast I had yesterday except I added toast, because I am worth it. Left over roast beef, beans (either pinto of Peruvian, not sure), spinach, 2 eggs, and cheese. I am so bummed we are out of roast beef because that breakfast scramble is FIRE. It is so good. I had that around 11am because I woke up late. Then I shared a complete cookie and a tostada with my mom. After being hella thirsty and drinking a bunch of cups of water throughout the day, I had a bowl of refried beans, chopped up chicken, cheese and a couple tostada shells for dinner. Pretty filling, pretty tasty.

I have also decided that sunflower seeds are going to be my new thing. I am kinda worried about the salt content and everything because its not like I need anymore help with retaining water, but it’s like 190 calories for half a bag, and I couldn’t eat a whole serving in a sitting if I tried. I feel like snacking on them throughout the day is good because it feels like I am able to eat a bunch when in reality I am just eating tiny seeds. They are also low in carbs and semi high in protein so…win win.

I also filled out this calculator and figured out my calorie goals in order to weigh under 300lbs this year. I made one last year but that didn’t work out too well. I think of fell off. But I thought I would try again. This is shit really works. Before I fell off of the one last year, by following the calorie goals, I was losing weight ahead of schedule and I lost around 25lbs. I really wanna stick with it this time. It will also help in utilizing my OneNote more so that is cool, too. 

I am super happy with my Twitter machine. I don’t know if I mentioned it yesterday, but I did make a Twitter for my weight loss. It is also @DreGetsFitAf just like all my other fitnessy type things. I just gained a new follower, my only follower ATM, and she is really cool and helpful. She recommended I try the Body Reset Diet.

I had never heard of it before so I looked it up. I almost clicked away when it said “JSYK YOU ONLY GET TO EAT SMOOTHIES FROM NOW ON.” I was like “Oh, no, BooBoo. Not today, not ever.” But then I read about how you could eat a couple snacks too and I was back in. I don’t know if I would be able to do it. It seems effective for the time being. 5 days of 3 smoothies 2 snacks; 5 days of 2 smoothies, 2 snacks, and a solid meal; and 5 days of 1 smoothie, 2 snacks, and 2 meals. 

In theory, it sounds doable and okay. I am just not sure if it for me, but I guess I won’t know until I try. I have always been against fad diets or quick fixes. I mean, hard work or gtfo. There are no shortcuts. I feel like I am too prideful to try or rely on stuff like that. I wanna do it on my own, by myself, so I can gloat and be as pretentious as I want after I reach my goal. But 4 years later, I am still around the same weight, still struggling to lose permanently. So maybe I do need to switch it up and try something new. I am definitely not saying that it will last forever, but if it will help me get to the next stage where I need to be and over the stupid 330s that I can’t seem to get past, hell, I’ll try it.

I have to find the recipes online and stuff because I don’t have the want or the means to be dropping cash on diet books. No, Sir. Not today, Satan! I will keep my eyes out for recipes and make a list and next time I head to the store I will pick up some of the stuff. I am half dreading it, half just wondering it I will be starving by the end of day one. We are gonna see. I mean, I am probably just being a baby. Like 3 smoothies and 2 snacks, that should be alright. My new Twitter friend said it gets easier and her stomach shrank, which I am all about. I love when that happens. I also love when you can taste all of the saltiness of fast food. That was a great day.

Anyway, new type eating plan coming up? Maybe. That might be a good video idea too. Well now I HAVE to do it lol.


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