Weight Loss

Day 39 – When You Gain 10lbs Overnight

I stepped on the scale and I was 349/350. WHAT EVEN IS THAT? It was after I went to the bathroom and everything. It’s not the be all, end all of my motivation or anything, but it getting fucking ridiculous now. Like, I am so over it. It is stupid. I tried to see in my other scale worked. It didn’t. It said I was 191 lbs. Nope. I wish. But nope. Wtf is up with these bitch ass scales? I am not going to buy another one. Like, I don’t have the cash and I’m already on my second one. UGH!

Anyway, today my mom made mole, rice, and beans. I worked on portions. They weren’t as big as usual but probably still a little too much. I had two of those servings, a pb/banana/honey sandwich with milk, and a couple fudgesicles.

Today was pretty low key. I decided to randomly clean my room. I finished half and have A LOT of laundry to do. I am probably going to do another load or two and then put off the rest of it like always. I have a few other things to do. I need to sell of give away like half of my stuff.

I am also dreading my walk this weekend. DREADING. I am ahead of schedule too. I usually don’t start until Friday, but last Sunday was just so terrible. God help me.


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