Weight Loss

Day 38 – Eating Salad in the Dark

I was going to go to sleep without writing anything today because it wasn’t too eventful, but daily means daily soooo…

Today I stepped up on the scale because I was curious and I was 339. It was 349 on Sunday. Like??? I am so confused. Anyway, I will take it. I am just hoping it is finally consistent. I am still not officially recording anything until April, but it was a cool pick me up. I have been doing things a little differently the past few days. I just have to keep working.

I woke up and went to the store. I got some eggs, milk, a bottle of wine (because I think I said if I was under the 40s I would have some. I haven’t opened it yet though), and some rice. I made scrambled eggs with spinach and put it on toast with some turkey bacon. I bought sad 40 calorie bread. It’s all limp and seems depressed, but its only 40 cals. My mom was supposed to make mole but it got super late and she decided against it. I didn’t know and was totally waiting for dinner time. When I went to ask her, I was already hangry and it sucked. I made a salad with half a thin breast of chicken and ate in the dark because I was hungry and pissed. I made some beans and tortillas for “dinner” I guess. I also had a pb & j and a fudgesicle. I love them. They’re great.

We are supposed to have mole tomorrow. I am going to work hard on keeping my portions small and reasonable. I always seem to over eat when I have mole. It is just so good 😦 I am still working on water and still working on cravings. I am super proud of myself for not getting chips or sour gummy worms because I totes had a coupon.


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