Weight Loss

Day 37 – Last Weekly Update Vlog + Sore Traps

I almost forgot to publish my vlog today. I would have scheduled it, but I hadn’t made the thumbnail or filled out my description yet. Anyway, I explained in my video that I am kicking weekly vlogs to monthly or bimonthly. Daily blogs will still be a thing, but watch the video if you want to know more. 🙂

This morning when I sat up I noticed that my traps were hella sore. I guess it was from being so tense on yesterday’s walk. I never usually work out those muscles so it was cool to feel them even though it was involuntary.

I worked on small portions today. We are out of eggs so I just made a chicken salad when I got up. Then I had leftover tuna salad with some wheat thins (2 thins shy of a serving). A few hours later I had a couple bites of tilapia while making my chicken, pasta, and asparagus. I know I said I was going to be shy away from pasta, but I knew I was going to wnt some this week and it is better to have it now than right before weigh day. I still minded my portions though. I think it was a super successful day.

My foot still hurt because of my blister. It is like really bad and I am too chicken to poke it so the fluid will come out. I want my 5k streak, but at what cost am I going to get it? It is only going to get hotter and I am nowhere near close to getting access to a treadmill indoors. My next option is to become a mall walker. I would have to drive half an hour to get there though. I’d go during like regular hours though and I feel like it would be kind of weird even though no one will be looking at me, and even if they did I wouldn’t really care. It is something to think about, but this summer is going to be terrible, and I am not ready for it.

After my post yesterday, I drank one more glass of water before bed and my headache subsided. It hasn’t come back today, and I have upped my water consumption today even though it still isn’t nearly enough. That was like 2% scary yesterday. Like it has happened before, but it hurt really badly, it also didn’t help that my foot, back, and knee were sore. I was a hot ass mess. I definitely need to be more conscious.

Working on small portions again tomorrow! I think I am going to retry meal prepping in the nest could of days. It definitely makes things easier, and I am all about that life. My next weight loss video will be published on April 3rd. I am going to work my ass off these next three weeks so I can give the people some good news.


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