Weight Loss

Day 35/36 – Walks Suck But Showers Are Awesome

I forgot to post yesterday before I went to sleep again. Sometimes I am super down for writing stuff and other days I am not. Yesterday’s food was good. I posted all my meals. I am working on the whole stomach shrinking thing. Smaller portions and whatnot. I mentioned it a couple days ago. I had cream of wheat and some turkey bacon, two burritos with spinach/eggs and more turkey bacon and cheese, then I had two carne asada tacos with some grilled zucchini. I had a little pancake with cinnamon and sugar on top too. I got a little sweet tooth. I need to get more of those fudgecicles.

Today started out good.. I recorded a video and ate a burrito like the one yesterday with a quesadilla. I tried to carbo-load for my walk. I don’t think it worked. I wasn’t dreading it today and I thought that it was going to be good. It was 93 degrees today and it sucked. It totally sucked. It was my worse 5k ever. I was SO SLOW. I felt SUPER fatigued not even half way through. I had to stop and sit on a curb because I felt like I was going to collapse. I stopped and sat for a few minutes until my heart rate lowered and I felt a little better. I have never had to do that before. I got home and was super over heated. I sat in front of the fan and started tearing up involuntarily. I think it was because I was so overheated, tired, and hungry. I think it was like a low key bodily panic attack from being so uncomfortable. I took a long ass shower and ate and I felt a little better. I didn’t want to cook so I asked my mom for a pizza. I had a few slices.

I have a headache, probably due to dehydration. I need to step up my game. I don’t like feeling like shit but today was just the perfect storm of shit. It was cool that I completed my 5k like I said I was going to, but it was very hard, and I didn’t get that “runner’s high” or whatever. There was no feeing of euphoria after. I was just upset and fatigued. I did it, but it wasn’t good. That really sucks.

I am going to make tomorrow better, food-wise. Vegetables and chicken. I hope I can keep the formula up and ween myself off sweet stuff and processed foods. I don’t have many of them that often but still. If I can get past my initial 1-2 weeks of cravings, I am golden with my diet. Everything else will just fall into place afterwards. I have decided to not take an official weigh in until April 2. I am giving myself these 3 weeks to get back into the swing of things without pressure for the scale. I am doing stuff to feel better and be healthier, not just to see a number change. It is starting to get a little discouraging and I don’t need all that negativity in my life. Boy, bye.


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