Weight Loss

Day 34 – When Conscious Meets Subconscious

I woke up from a dream feeling like my weight loss wasn’t all it could be. Subconscious has not met conscious. I feel like everything is going to come together soon. I am out of potatoes and bread, there’s no white rice in the house, and I am trying my best to stay away from pasta.

Today, I have decided that I will be working on small portions so my stomach can shrink. If I can eat a bunch of small portions multiple times a day, I think that will be better than eating 1 or 2 big meals with snacking before and after. The good news is we have A LOT of vegetables in the fridge, some of which I am okay with eating. I dislike cauliflower so much, but I want to start incorporating it into my diet little by little. It worked with broccoli.

I had chicken, asparagus, and some left over stuffing for my first meal. Then I had an pb&j, an apple w/pb, a tostada with nothing on it, and cream of wheat. There aren’t many things to snack on anymore so I will be able to focus on good, clean nutrition and stuff that will be beneficial to me. That glass of wine was a onetime thing. I am back of alcohol. I really want to do some kind of drunk video for my youtube channel, but that will just have to wait for like 10-15 lbs, and a partner I can do it with. It seems less sad if you get drunk with a friend. Soon…

Anyway, I totally suck but I am over the 30 day challenge. I hate that I am quitting, but at least I am being honest and not pretending to continue like an asshole. UGH! I just feel like it won’t make that much of a difference if I finish it, butt-wise, and I’m not enjoying doing them. I always dread doing them which is why I leave them for the end of the day. Maybe I will pick it up in the future. My Sunday 5ks are still a thing though. Not sure how much those are making a difference either, but I want my streak.

Working on being better and making some progress. I can’t stay in the shlump forever.


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