Weight Loss

Day 30 – Snackage + Update Vlog

I posted a new video today. Short and sweet. I am starting to have nothing to say because nothing is really changing, and if it is, It is doing it super slowly. I think updates once a week is a little bit much, especially since I have stopped exercising. I might dial it back to monthly or bi monthly. But here is today’s video if you want to watch it.

I have a bunch of water bottles on my floor that I. Am going to refill tomorrow. I think I might have had maybe 60oz of water today? Maybe? That is being hella generous. I have yet to find a water strategy that works for me. I think I just need to consciously focus on it more.

Today’s food wasn’t the best. My parents got back from their camping trip and whenever the do that, I end up eating their leftovers. They brought back some fried fish and that was really good even though it was kind of soggy and not crisp. My mom brought me some pumpkin cookies, which as you can imagine were probably left over from the season, which means they were hella not soft. I do love my basic b pumpkin items though. I had two hot dogs, some BBQ chips, gas station nachos, and a couple bites of left over apple pie. Not too bad, not too good either. I didn’t have like a real meal. Just snacking on stuff.

I am keeping off the scale for a few days. I am going to hydrate and start eating well again and just see where that takes me without the number. This is probably gonna last until Wednesday or Thursday which isn’t really effective at all, but that’s just the way it goes.

One day at a time.


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