Weight Loss

Day 29 – 5k Sunday

I really didn’t want to go out. I wasn’t feeling it, but I did it anyway. I walked kind of slowly, but I still got my heart rate up. I thought it would be okay to take a rest day from my challenge today because I walked, but I thought against it. I did them. 30 squats, 15 bridges, and 20 lunges. It is getting hella annoying, I am not going to lie, But I am going to keep trucking. I just have to start doing them earlier in the days.

I had 2 meals today. Chorizo, potatoes, eggs, and sausage. I went on my walk, collapsed on the couch and rested for a while because my feet were killing me, and forgot to eat afterwards. I just made some food right now around midnight – chicken thighs, pasta, and a caesar salad. I am going to make a rule that if I am going to have any pasta, Sundays are going to be my day, that way they won’t interfere with my official weigh in.

Speaking of weigh ins…348? I mean, I had Denny’s on Friday and a pretty heavy dinner last night so it isn’t surprising. I was 342 on Thursday and I am holding onto that gem. There are almost no potatoes left in the house and I am going to tell my mom to not buy any more. It is for the best. The only carbish things I will be having are rice and bread. I am trying to cut back and do she whole chicken/vegetable thing. I am getting results this month and I don’t want to relapse, no matter how delicious food is.

I don’t’ have much to say besides there will be another update up tomorrow.


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