Weight Loss

Day 28 – Lots of Chicken

I had a lot of chicken today that I was too lazy to photograph. My insta game has been sad lately. It should get better once I get back to a regular schedule. My parents have been gone since Thursday so I have been taking it super easy and not posting much anywhere. Anyway, I made the wings that I mentioned. No buffalo sauce so they weren’t as good as they could hav been but they were still enjoyable. I made a some chicken breast too. I haven’t meal prepped yet. I haven’t even cleaned the kitchen yet. I am so behind on stuff.

Things I am not behind on: my 3 day fitness challenge. 25 squats, 10 bridges, 15 lunges done. I doubt I will see a huge difference at the end of the month. Great butts are made over years of lifting and hard work, but I am happy that I am working out muscles that I don’t necessarily use everyday. I think I am going to do a push up challenge next month. I suck at push ups and have no upper body strength but there is something about my pecs and rotator cuffs being sore that is oddly satisfying.

Weigh day is tomorrow and I am not sure if the bacon burger I had yesterday but my salt consumption off and throw my number off. Even so, I have my number from earlier this week that is keeping me going. A 4lb drop in a month is pretty abysmal though. I am known for dropping 10, at least. I gotta step up my game, bruh!

I still haven’t had soda or alcohol even though I kind of want to. It has been about a month. Feb 5 was my official start date, but I think the last time I actually had soda/alcohol was the 2nd or 3rd. Anyway, that is a great accomplishment that I can be proud of! It it the little things 🙂 5k tomorrow D: Hopefully I can survive tomorrow without getting another blister. My foot is finally back to normal!

New video is also being recorded tomorrow. One month done update. I am kind of not looking forward to it, but if it isn’t great news, that only leave room for improvement.

One day at a time.


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