Weight Loss

Day 27 – Real Bacon is Amazing

Today I had my lap prepped meal. It totaled 202 calories. My friend asked me to a movie. We saw Lego Batman. No snacks, but we did hit Dennys afterward. I had a Bourbon Bacon Burger with seasoned fries. It was great. I have been wanting a burger recently. Real bacon is amazing too. I haven’t had it in a while. I hit Rally’s and got a medium shake. I haven’t added everything in mfp yet yet, but I think I either met my calories or went a bit over.

My left hamstring is sore now. I felt it today when doing my lunges. 20 squats, 10 bridges, and 15 lunges. I am feeling it in my hips kind of and a little in my quads. I haven’t been doing it for that long but I am proud I have completed every day so far. I didn’t take a before picture on the 28th, but I have one from like a week before. That should suffice.

Nothing much to update today. I didn’t step on the scale, but I still haven’t gotten new batteries. I should go to the dollar tree tomorrow. I kept thinking tomorrow was Sunday, but luckily it’s only Saturday. I have some time before I have to walk 3 miles. I t is easier to go out for walks if they are frequent, but if I have to make myself get out there once a week, it is more difficult. I want that streak though!!


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