Weight Loss

Day 26 – Fake Indian Fry Bread

Today was a lazy day and sub par on nutrition. I had my salad and one of the meals I prepped yesterday but it was surrounded by fake Indian fry bread. I take an uncooked flour tortilla, fry it, and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on it. It is like the best thing ever not counting actual fry bread. Other than that, I stayed away from snacking. Not super bad, but not as good as I could have been. Water was better today too. I drank over 100oz.

Before my shower, I did my butt challenge workouts. Lunges are getting easier, as I am getting used to the movements. I am going to be able to do them without holding onto anything for balance 🙂 Squats increased by 5 today. I am less sore, or I am just used to the pain.

I decided to grab my old laptop and try and get it to work again. I found a bunch of my old pictures from a few years ago. I took hella progress pictures in a bunch of different outfits. Good for me. They will be handy for before and after pics. I just wish I knew my exact weight in them. Oh well, 300 something lol. I guess it wont matter when I am down 100+lbs.

Tomorrow is a chicken day. I have a couple breasts that I am going to cut up and prep with. I also took out some wings before I knew we had breasts so I am going to cook those too. i just wish I had some buffalo sauce. I think I am going to hit the store tomorrow and return some stuff that my mom bought and get some.

I am looking forward to sleep right now. I am so tired really early for some reason.

One day at a time!!


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