Weight Loss

Day 25 – Accidental Whoosh

(Accidental whoosh sounds like the thing that happens when automatic toilets flush at the wrong time…anyway…) 

TWENTY FIVE DAYS AND I FINALLY SEE A LOSS. FINALLY. I weighed in at 342 and I am PSYCHED. PSYCHED. It has been a WHILE. Whenever I try to have a whoosh, I never get it but it always happens on accident. Thank God for pasta. It helps and hurts. I think I mentioned in a video or a blog once that it is super motivational to see a loss and it helps make better decision. Success is feels amazing. I think I drop another 1 or 2lbs by Sunday? It has been know to happen before, but even if I don’t, that is okay because I am no longer stuck at stupid 346. I hope I never see that terrible number ever again.

I did a mini meal prep today. I made tilapia with broccoli/asparagus and a big ass salad. I would have eaten it today, but I don’t like the dressings we have (I am super picky). I’m going to get some Caesar. It is the best, probably not the cleanest or healthiest, but I don’t care because it tastes good.

I had an omelette with turkey bacon and buttered bread, one of the meals I prepared with some potatoes, a pb/honey sandwich, and a quesadilla. It totaled 1692 calories. I have 90 to spare. 🙂 Today is the first day that I weighed and counted every single thing I ate. Yay for accountability!

I want more progress. I need it. It’s like super addictive. I want to blow through the wall of the low 330s. The last 2 years, I got there and then I stopped. It was hard to get past them and then I just quit. I am seeing the 20s! I am seeing the 10s! And I will be under 300. I am going to reach my goals because I have to. I am looking forward to eating well tomorrow. I am going to make today not a fluke.

I did my first butt challenge day again (because I accidentally did Day 1 yesterday). All the butt muscles were felt when I did them. Bridges are awesome. They are fun and because I am a little sore, I can feel all the muscles that were being worked out while doing them. Lunges are hard. I dislike them but I was better today I think. I should record myself to make sure my form is right. I will probably do that in the next couple days. My quads are are also feeling the sore love. I like doing something and feeling the results. I need to stick with it though. I am notorious for dropping things.

I am excited so see more results. I just gotta keep working.

One day at a time.


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