Weight Loss

Day 24

I found my fitness challenge! I didn’t realize we had one more day of February so I accidentally did day one today. That is okay. I got a little taste. My quads ached a little after I got done with the exercises. It shows how much Im not in shape. I also don’t think I can do lunges right. They are hard.

I had a pretty good food day, besides the pasta. The terrible, terrible, delicious pasta. I had a breakfast sandwich with turkey bacon and avocado. I had bananas/pb on toast with cinnamon and honey on top, and for dinner I had tilapia, broccoli, and pasta.

I am down to keep up eating better and snacking less. I have some more tilapia pulled out for tomorrow and the next day along with some chicken thighs. We are currently out of breasts, but I think we are hitting Costco tomorrow. I am working on only eating one “carb” serving a day. Like either potatoes with breakfast or dinner, not both. I am getting off pasta, today I just super wanted it. I have cut down on bread usage as well. Today I had the most I have had in a while. There are weeks where we just don’t have any so that might explain it.

Today was a good day. It would have been better if I had more water and less pasta but I will do better. It is all Daisy’s fault 😂 I remember her saying “fuck not eating pasta, pasta is great!” Like she is right, but also, eating pasta does nothing to her sooooooo I probably shouldn’t listen to her. Anyways, pasta is good. Wine is good. Brownies are good. Milkshakes are good. I am not allowed to have good things right now. Not until I get under 340. I must first suffer to be happy.

One suffer at a time 😞

I also want to do the 80 day weight loss challenge again. I have started it twice, but haven’t ever finished it. I should finish it. I should finish something. Anything. Maybe one day.


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