Weight Loss

Day 23 – I’m Not Alone

I published my new video today. You can watch it here.

I wasn’t so enthused about posting or sharing it. I felt it was a little dry and uninteresting. This is my 3rd week in a row with ZERO loss. Not even 1lb is 3 weeks. I am still 346. It showed in my video. I was surprised, however, at the response I got. Two other girls related to me and the struggle I’m in. That made me feel a little better. I was nowhere near quitting, but it helped to know that I wasn’t alone. I mean, I am not so presumptuous to think that the struggles I am going through are unique in any way, but having others reach out to me helps.  
I had one meal today and a few snacks. I didn’t count even though I am supposed to. I know, I KNOW! Shooting myself in my own foot here. I had cut up chicken thighs, potatoes, and broccoli. I also had a banana, pb and honey sandwich with milk, jerky, and wheat thins with hummus. I need more structure with times and calorie allotment. I haven’t meal prepped yet but I totes need to.

I only had about 80oz of water today. I need to refill all my water bottles. I find it easier to just grab a couple every time I need them. I have to really take I seriously and commit to drowning myself in hydration.

I have nothing else to discuss really. Nothing out of the ordinary. I forgot to look for a monthly challenge to start tomorrow. I will do that now or tomorrow morning. I am thinking push ups because I suck at push ups. I might try more than one just to be extra. I mean, it’s not like they’re full workouts. They take like less than 5 minutes depending on the exercise. I will definitely stick to it this time since it is official.

Yay fitness. Yay eating right. Yay changes.


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