No Loss, Weigh in, Weight Loss

Day 21/22 – Week 3 is Dumb

  • SW: 363
  • CW: 346
  • GW: 295

Yesterday I went to see 50 Shades like I said that I would. The only thing I had to eat all day was a banana, a bag of Takis, a bag of gummy worms, and a box of Whoppers. I got home and knocked out. I had a great night’s sleep. 10 hours according to fitbit and I thought today was going to be a good day. I woke up before 9am and I felt smaller. I looked in the mirror and it seemed like I was. I stepped on the scale and I had no loss. In fact, every time I stepped on it increased .2lbs and that was completely arbitrary. It super sucked. I tapped out after the 4th try.

Today I went to a meeting for camp. I had a couple slices of leftover pizza. There were snacks at the meeting and I had a slice of lemon pound cake and a couple mini cinnamon rolls. After, my friend and I got Panda Express. I was probably over calories today. I am starting completely fresh tomorrow. The last two days weren’t good.

This week is my week. I am going to wrestle it into submission.

I didn’t get to go on my 5k today. My procrastination kicked me in the ass. I had to get ready for my meeting. It was already dark when I got out of the meeting. I missed my streak opportunity D: 3 weeks in a row start a streak. Next week I can restart.

I will be posting my video tomorrow. In it, I officially announced the goal shorts I will be working toward. They are a size 20. I am currently a 24. I don’t know how many pounds equals 2 pant sizes, but I am guessing it is 20-40? Maybe? I will find out.

I am excited for good eating tomorrow. I have also decided that if I feel snacky, like over my allowed 2-3 snacks, I am just going to grab a celery stick. I hate celery so I am hoping that will deter me from ridiculous extra snacking which I have been doing. I just gotta do this thing. I am going to try and meal prep, at least a little bit, maybe a day or two’s worth, just to try it out.

We will seeeeeee! One day at a time!


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