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Day 16 – Vlog Update and New Goals

(It is currently 4am and I am half asleep. So short and sweet sounds great, and if there are typos, I am sorry!!) I posted my new video today. I summarized my week and made a couple new goals. You can watch here if you want to.

I have talked about my new goals all this week, but I am going to bullet point them just for reference.

  • Weigh all my food and count calories
  • Keep drinking more water
  • Only walk Sunday 5ks

Today I ate potatoes and pollo asado with broccoli twice because it was super good the first time. I had Girl Scout cookies, a pb bar, some chips, and a couple deviled eggs. I washed my dad’s truck today so I burned a few calories there, and I met my 5000 steps goal even with my blister. It was brutal. I think I have had around 8 water bottles today. I am supposed to have 10. I am still working on it.

I want to incorporate more vegetarians and vegan options in my diet. I doubt I will EVER be a vegan. EVER. I am the most meat eating person you will probably ever meet, but it can’t hurt. I also really want to start working with tofu but I am kind of scared because I have never had it before. I cooked with it once for a school project, but I didn’t taste it. It was for my religious studies class. My group had Hinduism. It was like this peanut tofu stir fry. A lot of people said it was good. I mean I don’t doubt it, I am an amazing chef, but I will do some research on it soon.

Counting everything is easy. I bought a notepad that I keep on the kitchen counter next to my scale. That is convenient. I just enter everything on MFP near the end of the day. I need to get my portions back into control. That has always been my problem. I just have to slowly shrink my stomach again so overeating is not an option. That shouldn’t be too hard.

One day at a time.


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