No Loss, Weigh in, Weight Loss

Day 15 – Walks are Terrible. Everything is Terrible.

  • SW: 363 
  • CW: 346.2 
  • GW: 295 

Today’s walk was terrible! I wanted to quit so badly. I though my blister was healed enough. It wasn’t. I started at 5:00pm and I was hella scared for running out of daylight (which I did. The sunlight was 2 minutes from being completely gone.) so I tried to start off walking really fast, around 2 blocks away from my house, the calves on both my legs began to seize up and I had to stop and try to stretch them out. Also,I didn’t do my bathroom business before I left so you can imagine the hot mess that I was trying to get through this 5k thing. It felt like it took forever to reach my half way point. I decided to suck it up and work through the pain. I am not a quitter, at least not anymore.

I had chorizo and potatoes like I did last week, apples with honey and milk after my workout, chicken, pasta, and salad for dinner, and a couple servings of Girl Scout cookies. I weighed and counted everything today, and I was under calories.

I recorded my video, but I am too tired to edit. I will just to that tomorrow and it will probably be posted a little bit late. This week started off strong again I guess. I am just focusing on my diet and hydration. Exercise is on the back burner. That number is going to drop, like it’s hot.

After my walk, I got my snack and collapsed on my bed for hours. It took a lot out of me, but I think it was worth it. It set a precedent for what I can do. I feel like this post sucks because it is super later and I am tired. Today was kind of uneventful, though. I walked and ate. However, I would say that it is a win even though I saw no loss. I think I am supposed to start my period this week so I don’t know how it is going to affect this week, but hopefully I will lose enough where it won’t matter. I am going to pick up some new scale batteries this week because the number was all over the place.

Positive thoughts, hard work, and patience. One day at a time.


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