Weight Loss

Day 13 – Blisters Are Stupid

I went on a walk today and it was terrible. I wasn’t hydrated to it was really hard to do anything. I was out of breath really easily, my muscles ached more than usual, and I couldn’t go as fast. My cardio totally sucked. I also have a blister on the ball of my foot. It has been there since Wednesday and it didn’t help at all. I hope it goes away by Sunday, because a 5k on a blister will literally kill me. I am not seeing a loss this week again because I upped my hydration today. Feeling good on walks is important. It makes such a difference.

As always, I started off really good on food. I incorporated spinach even though it had no business being anywhere near my bacon, eggs, and potatoes. But as per usual, I always bet a little crazy with dinner. My mom bought tortellinis from Aldi and one serving is a 3rd of the package. I kind of many ate the whole package??? And I also maybe made a white sauce to go one top of it??? I did check my Fitbit and I have apparently burned 4200 calories today, so maybe I am not as fucked as I thought I was. I had a Fresh Express Asian salad, a PB bar, and a 100 cal bag of popcorn. I think I should be alright? I definitely didn’t eat over 4000 calories today.

I will be recording my update on Sunday and posting it on Monday. Like I have said, I am making new goals. I also think I changed my mind and am going to drop working out for the time being. I tried it for 2 weeks. It was all well and good, but I am going to try strictly watching my diet for the remainder of February and see what that results in. The thing I will miss about walking, other than posting my little maps and feeling great about how much time my spend in cardio zone is that extra calories I will be getting on those days. However, not exercising usually curbs my hunger because I require less energy and therefore have less of an appetite.

I will find a balance soon, but for now, it is about reaching my goals. One day at time.


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