Weight Loss

Day 12 – Food and Strategizing

We have food!!! I am so excited. I made my breakfast pre-my mom getting back from the store. Same bell pepper/spinach omelette from a couple of days ago. I am getting better at folding it. I didn’t add avocado this time because apparently I’m not a big plain avo fan? Like I guac and everything but avocado in big chunks is weird.
For dinner, we had tacos, and I totally scarfed them down before I remembered that I am trying to document my food. I am so bad at taking pictures of my it. I’ve never been a big social-media-food-poster. I had 3 carne asada tacos with guac, onions, cabbage, and salsa on top with a side of rice and beans. The rice and beans were very well portioned. I am proud of myself.

No walk today. I will go out tomorrow so I can rest on Saturday before my Sunday 5k. I saw that SoCal is supposed to be getting this huge ass storm or something? Storm Lucifer? I hope that it doesn’t deter my walking schedule. I hate to walk in water. It is too slippery, and I don’t like to fall. I am kind of psyched for the opportunity to go out anyway if it hits where I live, because I will get the chance to say “Not today, Satan!” and actually have it make sense.

I recorded a video today about scales. It’s supposed to be body positive. I want to get back to making those because I love to be inspirational and tell people what to do. I am kind of like a life coach you’d find at a swap meet – like not legitimate enough to be taken seriously but still close enough to the real thing that I’m passable. Does that make sense? It’s almost 5am. Forgive me if I don’t.

If nothing gets in my way, I will be super on point tomorrow. Water has been bad. It has been so bad. I am going to try and fix it but I kind of want to wait until Sunday to see how it affects the scale. Right now, I am still at a solid 345, and if I try to rehydrate, I feel like I am just going to put the number back up. I don’t think 160 oz is enough water. It didn’t flush me out like I wanted it to. I can up my intake but I am having a hard enough time getting to 160. I hate that I have to drink so much. I will be glad when I lose so I don’t have to. But will I ever lose if I can’t hydrate enough? IT’S A VICIOUS CYCLE AND I DON’T LIKE IT.

I’ll get past this though. I am going to start counting calories and weighing my food next week. It’s a little annoying, but it is super helpful and I saw results that way. I was also wondering if I am doing enough exercise, like I know I’m not. Like you’re supposed to be getting in 30 min a day 5 times a week or something? I am wondering if I up my exercise to 5-6 times a week and include strength training I will drop quicker? Most likely right? It is just easier and less strenuous to only count calories, and I don’t want to lose loss weeks if my body tries to fight me when I bombard it with too much at one time, and there is my knee to think about as well.

I am just going to see at the end of the next week if my small amount of exercise made a difference. If I am still at 345-6 on 2/26, I am going to dial back the exercise and focus all my energy on my diet. That works the best for me. Once I meet my year goal I will open my options back up, but getting under 300 is super important to me right now and if using a proven method gets me there, that is what I will do. Sure, I’d love to be fit, beat my mile times, and lift heavy things; but all that will come in due time. I need to have my priorities in check. 

I will figure all this out again soon, hopefully with enough time before summer so I can see significant loss before then. I have shorts that I may or may not make into a goal to be able to wear them comfortably by August. I have to take before pictures with them not being able to button to see if it is even attainable. It probably is, but 2017 is about being realistic. It will be a cool thing to accomplish though. 

Anyway, 🍷 here’s to tomorrow being bad ass. One day at a time. 

(I am also kind of sad that I am off no soda/alcohol because wine is good and so is rum and coke.) 


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