Weight Loss

Day 11 – French Bread

So…I ate a whole French bread. But I was totally still under my calories!! 😂 I had a coupon for a $1 French bread from Vons and I went to get it and a salad in a bag. It probably wasn’t the best choice to eat the whole thing, but calorically, I had no problem; and it was delicious. I haven’t had bread in about over a week. I was weak. Whatever. No ragrats.

I had a banana for breakfast, rather a snack when I woke up. I had a PB bar pre-walk. Then after, I enjoyed the lightness of that tilapia and broccoli. I have OFFICIALLY finished all the broccoli. Wow, was it a mission. I kind of miss it now that it’s gone. I totally got used to the taste and I’m proud to say I enjoyed it a little.

I walked a little over 2 miles. I had more in me but the sun was completely down when I got back home and my neighborhood sucks. I called it a day. I got some major cardio in there also. It wasn’t a stressful walk either. It was on the easier side. My pace sucked; I was hella slow, but I guess something is going right? No pain in my knee either. I think I am good to go for this Sunday’s 5k!

When I went to the store, I got some iceberg lettuce, the imitation cheese of lettuce, but I had a coupon. It was only $.90! I will be having some sad salads in the days coming. My mom said she would withdrawal some cash and let me go to the store to buy real food. We have Costco meat reserve in the freezer. It is mainly vegetables that we are lacking. I saw a photo of a wrap on my dashboard and I want to get into the wrap game again (eyyy😎). I need more healthy options for food. I will definitely get sick of plain chicken and vegetables eventually.

Today was over all a good day. I had some stomach issues earlier in the day, but the scale was at a solid 345 afterwards so that is some movement. I am still working on getting it moving a little quicker. One of the goals I am going to make in my next update will be somehow introducing strength training to my regimen. It is so much easier when I have strength machine access at the gym. I will look up some routines and try to follow them as best I can. I have 5lb and 10lb weights, a bar and lighting plates, and some other free weights in my back yard. I can make this work somehow. I just hate working hard and strength training is hard. I do love to feel muscle definition though, especially in my triceps. I gotta make this work. I gotta get lean and buff and trim and all the other adjectives.

One day at a time.  


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