Weight Loss

Day 10 – Sloth Has Set In 

Day two of doing nothing. I woke up around 10 and then fell back asleep until 3. By the time I got out of bed and got something to eat, it was already too dark to go on a walk. I have to go out tomorrow if I’m going to do my three times a week like I wanted to. I just have to keep my goals in mind. I’m lucky I went out Sunday though because I have one day down already. 

I was over calories and under water. I had breakfast – a veggie omelette, beans, and turkey bacon. Snacks were oranges, PB bars, and a banana. I cooked dinner of chicken, pasta, and broccoli, which fit into the calories I had left on mfp. But I forgot I had half of a plate of nachos with my mom when she got home. I don’t think I hit maintenance, but I was over my deficit goal. However, despite it being Valentine’s Day, I didn’t have any desserts or chocolate. I kind of feel gypped, but I’ll get over it.

Going back to exercise, I am going to give it two more weeks of exercising, eating right,  and trying to get as much water as I can. However, if I don’t see a scale change by then, I’m going to drop exercising. I lost weight successfully by only focusing on my diet and my calorie deficit last year. I saw an average of 3 pounds a week loss back then. Exercise is like a weird factor that my body can’t compute. It always halts my scale moving. Like I’ve said before, I’d rather see the numbers go down and immediate results. I’ll become a runner one day, but I want to meet my goal weight, if I have to sacrifice “training “then I will.  For now. 

My diet is the most important thing, and I still haven’t gotten completely back on track yet. I opened my refrigerator today and the sight I beheld was dismal. We have half a thing of celery, cilantro, wilty spinach, and one more serving of broccoli left. There is one potato in the house and no bread. That better change soon we’re going to have a lot of trouble reaching my more vegetables goal. I’ve been doing great as of late, a serving with every meal, but it will be impossible if there aren’t any for me to cook. 

I guess I’ll keep you guys updated on that. If anything, I’ll just have to cash my check and go shopping myself. I don’t have a steady job so any income I do get, I save, but if it’s between saving and starving or spending and eating you know there’s no contest. 

I just have to start fresh tomorrow. I’ll be going on a walk. I don’t know how long or how far, but I still want to take it easy. I’m going out on another 5K this Sunday and I don’t want to put too much stress on my knee so I won’t be able to. Even if I do decide to cut out exercising, I think the weekly 5K is permissible and won’t hurt me too much, especially because it’ll be after I weigh in. Let’s just keep hoping for change, rather let’s just keep working for a change.

One day at a time. 


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