Weight Loss

Day 9 – Resty Rest

I did a lot of nothing today. I took it easy, skipping my walk to give my knee a rest. It didn’t really bother me today, but Google said to give it 24-48 hours rest. I am glad I found the compression band last night. I think that helped.
I am 33.8oz away from my water goal. I am going to make it before I go to sleep so that is a win. I ate 2 meals today. They were basically the same: chicken (one meal had breast and the other thigh), broccoli, and garlic parm potatoes topped with spinach and mozzarella. I had a PB bar and an orange as a snack. I didn’t weigh stuff but I estimated and definitely under cals.

According to Fitbit, I slept 10 hr and 15 min which is great because the previous day, I got around 3. I want to work at getting a better sleep schedule, but that probably won’t happen until it has to. I love being awake in the wee hours in the morning.

Nothing to report. Uneventful day. Hopefully I will get out tomorrow. I didn’t meet any of my Fitbit goals, but I’ve been in bed all day. Good rest day. Today wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing. Working harder tomorrow maybe!

One day at a time.


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