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Day 8 – Starting Week 2 Strong

Fine day, Sunday. In my opinion, best day of the week! At least this Sunday was. For me. Hopefully, for you too! Crushed those goals, hit that pavement, ate a cookie. What more can you ask for? I can even look past the blatant disregard for my feelings that my scale is showing right now.
I weighed in this morning, but forgot to take a picture of the number. 346.8 – .4 lbs up. I’m not worried about it. Shit happens. I am feeling better, I am more motivated to do things, and that is almost as good a feeling as seeing a loss. Number changes will come in due time. Now, if it’s a month from now and I am still seeing this goddamn number, then you better believe we are going to have a vERY DIFFERENT CONVERSATION…. But for now, I’m cool.

Breakfast was chorizo, potato, beans, spinach, cheese, and an egg. I was reluctant to add the spinach because I thought it would taste gross, but it just blended in with the flavors. The fact that it was converted in mozzarella cheese helped too. I am so proud of myself! This whole week, I have having 2 medium potatoes, or 1 large when I have them with a meal, but today, I only used one medium. I made the choice to have the smaller portion and I think that is a victory. Portion sizes have always been an issue for me.

After breakfast, I went on my walk, which I will get to in a second. After, I had another turkey torta with avocado and some chips – the pepperoncini ones. I made a special trip just for them. Also, on my trip, I browsed the snacks and stumbled upon The Complete Cookie. 16g of protein, vegan, no soy, no gmo, all the hippy stuff, and I was intrigued. I picked up the snickerdoodle flavor and I was pleasantly surprised. It was okay. I got used to it towards the end.I’m down to eat it again. Other snacks I had were a PB bar, girl scout cookies, and an orange.

My walk today was fire. My first Sunday 5k with the Nike+ app. I started off slowly, but eventually got down to work. 46 minutes in cardio zone, 1147 calories burned, 1:01:19 5k time (I think). It was a good walk. My right knee started to feel uncomfortable at around the 2.5 mile mark. It is currently wrapped and elevated. I might have to skip tomorrow’s walk and postpone it until Tuesday. It all depends if I’m still feeling pain tomorrow.

Great day overall. I recorded a weight loss update that will be posted tomorrow, and I even got some laundry done. Hopefully I will see a scale change soon. I can only try to keep consistent and wait it out. Week 2 has started strong. Let’s keep that momentum up!

One day at a time.


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