Weight Loss

Day 7 – Week One Done! 

  • SW: 363
  • CW: 346
  • GW: 295

Today was fair to not so good. No water goal was met today. No significant feat or weight loss break through. Just a neutral day.

I woke up to a few texts, missed facetime calls and snapchats from my good friend Mauricyo. He was in town for the day and wanted to know if I wanted to run an errand with him. We went to Sally’s and then to Starbucks. I ordered a Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha which I learned later is 610 calories. No, thank you, Starbucks. It is tasty, but you can keep it. Looks like I’m going to stick to skinny macchiatos and teas, if anything. Who knows, I am not that big on Bucks. Shit is expensive and I am broke.

I went to the convenience store and saw pepperoncini flavored kettle chips, and I just had to buy them. I got some birotes and make a turkey sandwich. It was really good, and the chips weren’t bad either. I would pick them up again. Later on, I had some potatoes and chicken. Mauricyo also gave me a box of thin mints. I love him. And thin mints. Currently snacking on some. God save the Queen. Things will be a lot easier once they’re gone. Serving size is 4 cookies for 160 calories. I don’t know about you, but I can’t just eat 4 cookies. They are too good! Just a small speed bump. We will get through this too.

Water was not good today either. I am still working on it, but as of right now, at 2am, I am 100oz behind. I am going to feel it on my walk tomorrow. I’ve decided to do my Sunday 5k. Things are just easier when I exercise. I have extra calories for the day and I make better food choices.

I have to work on keeping up with all this stuff on days like today when I am busy. It will prepare me for summer camp this June. I have stopped losing weight June or July the past 3 years because I start working full time at a theatre arts camp. Hydration and nutrition get put on the back burner. Just like I vowed that I wouldn’t gain weight the 2016 holiday season, I am vowing to not fall off that weight loss game this summer. I need to power through or at least start back up if I do plateau. I am barely starting to get actively disciplined and motivated now – and it is February. I have 4 months to prepare.

I went to walmart and got two white boards like I have been wanting – one blank and one with a calendar. I have planned out when I am going to walk, when I am going to weight in, and what days I am going to post videos and blogs. I am super stoked about it. My weight loss videos will be recorded on Sundays and uploaded Mondays. I am going to try to do one every week in addition to a non-weight loss video (posted Fridays). We are going to see how all this works out.

I hope I can make tomorrow better, and I also hope that I don’t die on my walk from lack of hydration. I also also hope that see a scale change soon, although I am not betting on tomorrow.
I can’t believe how easy it has been to fall back into writing these posts. I can already tell that they are helping and helping me accountable. Although today wasn’t the best, I need to focus on the positives and how I can improve v. beating myself up over things that have already happened. Tomorrow, in addition to my walk and recording/editing, I am focusing on another aspect of my health – a clean living environment. I am going to tackled cleaning the monstrosity that it my room. Pray for me. 

One day at a time!

PS. Thanks to you guys who are reading and liking these! I see you 🙂 Thank you for supporting me!


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