Weight Loss

Day 6 – Day 3 of 3. Exercise Crushed.

Today was good! I finished my 3rd day of exercise, walked the 2 miles that I wanted to, had pasta, and burned more than 4500 cals!

Potatoes, bacon, and egg for breakfast. Amazing. I love potatoes. I can’t say it enough. Then I walked. After, I grabbed a spoonful of PB and an apple. It was way more than a serving but in addition to my 2 miles, I did a practice run around my block. Half jog/walk, but still. I rested a bit, grabbed some jerky and a PB bar a little later, maybe an hour. Around 8:30, I made dinner – chicken, pasta, and broccoli. Pasta does make me retain water and everything, but I am already retaining water, and I mean there has to be a cap on the amount of water I am allowed to hold onto right? I just said fuck it. I wanted it, and I ate it. I worked for it.

My walk was good. I wasn’t trying to beat my time or anything. After breakfast, I didn’t even want to go anymore, but I did. Since I was going for a longer distance, I just tried to keep a steady pace. I was at around a 21-23 minute mile time, but I managed to get my HR up to cardio level for a significant amount of time. At my .5 mile mark, I ran into a friend at the bank I was walking past and he joined me. It was cool to have someone there to distract me from the distance/tiredness, especially since I wasn’t so hot about the walk in the first place. Usually, if I am really working and running, trying to beat my mile time, I totally prefer to workout alone. It allows me to focus more, but it was good for today. After he dropped me back at home, a did a lap around my block because I suddenly caught my second wind. I took care of that with a little jogging. 

I can’t wait until I get back to where I was before and continue to improve. For some reason, I just really want to be a runner. I’ve had multiple running dreams where I’m jogging or whatever, not tired, happy. It’s great.

On my Nike+ app, I read a thing that wasn’t necessarily a challenge, but a workout suggestion? A 5k every Sunday – to start off your week strong. I might start doing that. It’s doable and seems like a cool idea.

 Good day. Good walk. Good food. Good feelings. I don’t think I am going to see a scale change this week, but that’s okay. I just have to keep it up and wait for the coveted whoosh. Once I start counting cals, I will be a little more annoyed at no change, but for the rest of this week, I am going to chill and enjoy getting back into the swing of things.

Taking it one day at a time!


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