Weight Loss

Day 5 – Broccoli Toots?

I boasted yesterday. Yeah, I admit it. Today wasn’t as good, but in my defense, yesterday was pretty hard to beat.

I wasn’t feeling the vegetable game at all today. I am beginning to think the broccoli has worn out it’s welcome. I am over half through with the Costco bag of florets. It is having some unwanted side effects, mainly toots, but are we really that close that I can discuss flatulence? Probably not. We are only 5 days in, but hey, welcome to my blog. I still had portions with breakfast and dinner (the only 2 meals I ate today) but they were hella tiny. Luckily, I no longer wince at the taste of broccoli, which mean my taste buds are slowly reverting back into their healthy eating mode.

I had potatoes, beans, carne asada, broccoli, and an egg for breakfast (at like 1pm). Great. Good. Very filling. Then, around 8 I fixed chicken, broccoli, and potatoes. My very good friend Meagan posted that she was baking on her snapchat and like I do with everyone who has something, I said “Bring me some!” The only difference with Meagan is that she is wonderful, so she actually brought me a plate of brookies (brownie cookies). They were amazing and I have zero regrets eating them all. #TeamNoShame #TeamWalkingAtLeast2MilesTomorrow #TeamOhHiSaladIDidntSeeYouThere #TeamBetterRelationshipWithFood Now, I probably shouldn’t have eaten all of them in the last 8 hours. There weren’t that many and they were on the cute smaller side, but let’s say…more than 6. They were great and I loved them. End of story.

Today was a rest day. Tomorrow, I will complete my third day of exercise this week. I am super stoked that I stuck to that goal and am looking forward to finishing strong next week. On days I exercise, I am much more conscious ofwhat I eat. I always make better food choices because there is no way in hell that I sweat and huff and puff to throw it all away on a crappy diet, which explains why yesterday was next level. Tomorrow will be good.

Lastly, I am still working on meeting my water goal today. I got behind and stayed behind. I am still 30oz away from my daily goal, and I don’t think I will be able to drink it before bed. But on the brighter side, I still drank over 130oz which is a hell of a lot more than I consumed in days past. Progress, not perfection. My mantra. As long as I am still trying, I am not failing.

*Raises water bottle* Here is to making tomorrow better than today and getting out of my broccoli funk.

One day at a time.


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