Weight Loss

Day 4 – Guess Who’s Trying Now

Today was such a good day!! It only took 4 days for me to get back on track! I don’t want to jinx myself, but I did really well today. Let’s just hope I can keep it up!

Let’s see, where to start? I have visuals! I guess we can start with food.

Notice the serving with vegetables with every meal. Notice also that all we have in terms of vegetables is lettuce and broccoli. I woke up wanting a good old eggs/bacon/tater breakfast, so that is what I had. But we gotta keep it green with a side of veggies. After my walk, which I will get to right now, I had a turkey sandwich and salad. During said salad consumption, I couldn’t help but complain that having chips would have been a million times more tasty. I know they wouldn’t have been as filling though. Still, one does enjoy the salty crunch of a fried potato. For dinner, I decided to make a little mexican feast – rice, beans, and carne asada. Of course, we can’t forget to make it green. It’s not customary, but it’s good for me. In addition to what is pictured, I had two 40 cal fudgsicles, a peanut butter bar, and a little more rice and beans. I counted cals today, estimating everything, and I was under my limit! It felt good and I didnt even want to snack at all. I think yesterday was a fluke. *Gasp* or maybe today is the fluke?? I’ll find out tomorrow.

Next, let’s discuss my workout.

Killed it! Killed it way more than Monday. I felt better. My hip didn’t hurt, AND I beat my mile time by about 1:30! Best mile time of 2017 – 17:51. And that is just by walking. No jogging. I had to stop myself from running when Chelsea Dagger started to play. It just gets me so pumped. No running for me yet, though. Not until I am back in the 30s. That gives me the incentive to lose the weight, and will allow me to ease back into exercising without overloading my body. Slow and steady. But look at that cardio time! I tried to push myself today. The discomfort matched that of Monday, but I did a lot more work today. I was way more hydrated, and I went longer and faster. It is amazing what a little water can do for your system.

Speaking of water…

A little Fitbit chart reflecting my water intake so far this week. We are sticking to those goals and crushing them. We are crushing them so hard. It was hard yesterday. I had to down a couple of bottles before bed to make my goal, but I did it. I am trying to get used to peeing more often than I’m used to. It’s annoying, but feels great at the same time.

I stepped on the scale because I was curious. It was fluctuating between 345-346. Its only been a few days, I know, but I should be losing this water weight very soon. I can feel it. During my journey over the last 5(?) years, I have yet to get under the 330s. I saw a glimpse, a passing glimpse of the 20s when 329 came up as a fluke. I am confident that I will be able to get past them now. I have to. I need to prove it to myself that I can. And I CAN.

Today was a legitimate great day in terms of the work I put in. I’m feeling it. I am feeling myself. It have to put a little more effort into what I eat and the water I drink, but it is so worth it. The only reason I haven’t been losing weight is because I haven’t been trying. Well, guess who’s trying now.

Honestly though, I am talking a pretty big game, but I am still taking this day by day and finding what works for me. I am waiting for the big pay off though – the scale number down, looser fitting clothes, and compliments from everyone around me. Oh, and general health and blah blah blah 😂😉

One day at a time.


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