Weight Loss

Day 3 – Closer Than I Was Before

Today was okay. Nothing too amazing yet. I snacked a lot, more than usual. They weren’t bad though – apples and peanut butter, a peanut butter bar, jerky, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I tried keeping up with all my water again too. I am a few bottles away from my goal but have drank way over 100oz.

I can still feel my body adjusting to my mind’s conscious effort to make a change, if that makes sense. Like, I feel the cravings and unnecessary hunger trying to arise. I wanted to go out and get a donut earlier for no reason at all. I didn’t, but I was definitely craving one. I am really happy I finally got some of the 40 calories fudgsicles. They are a great alternative to the ~500 calorie pb/honey sandwiches with milk I am used to having nightly. They do the trick of satiating the sweet tooth without completely going overboard on cals. Another good alternative are Chloe’s soft serve fruit pops (only 60 cals each!). The only ingredients are fruit, water, and sugar. I really like them, but they only come 4 to a pack and are expensive.

For breakfast, I had turkey bacon with eggs and broccoli again. For dinner, I had sliced potatoes, broccoli, and a pork chop. With all my snacking, I’d say I was over my calorie allowance; again, I am still not counting yet. I’d say I was maintenance, if not a bit over. I am still working on it guys. Water definitely helps curb my hunger, and I always try to wait the 20 minutes after eating a meal to let my mind catch up with my body in terms of fullness. I’m still trying. I will get back to my bad ass eating habits of last year. Today was better than yesterday and I say tomorrow will be even better than today, and that is all I can ask for – to move forward, not back.

I am scheduled for a walk tomorrow. Day 2 of 3. I am going to shoot for 30 minutes instead of just a mile, because “apparently” I’m supposed to be getting “30 minutes of exercise” “a day” or “something”. That’s roughly a mile and a half for me. I am going to not run again, I am still just trying to get my stamina up. It was (not strenuous but) strenuous to just walk the mile yesterday. I want to be less of a wimp before I start to do my jogging intervals again. Looks like I am going to have to start back on :30/5:00 (jog/walk) again. Although depending on how I feel maybe :30/3:00. :30/5:00 was too easy when I did it before.

All the goals I have put into place are still working so far. I mean it has only been 3 days, but my fitbit battery was low and I charged it. I have been on point with my water. I have been eating more vegetables, and I walked once. Also no alcohol or soda consumed, although I was getting a hankering for some wine the other night. Moscat for life. $5 Barefoot brand. That is some shit I can get behind. But I will wait to toast with some cheap wonderful wine when I reach my next goal weight. Let’s say 325? A solid 325. That shouldn’t take too long. A month and a half, maybe two. We will see.

I think it is time to start thinking of goals for next week. I want to incorporate some strength training into my routine. I really want to focus on some butt exercises so I can tone and shape so when I do drop weight there will something more than a sad, flat pancake butt waiting for me. I don’t want to push myself too quickly though. I am notorious for not dropping weight when I exercise. Although, it is better for me in the long run, I would really much rather see the number on the scale drop fast than wait for the slower affects of exercise. I am hoping to find a good balance this year. Watching my diet and losing weight is just so much easier, though. I have mastered that.

In addition to possibly adding strength training, I want to start counting calories and weighing my food. That is the key to everything. Calories in, calories out. Tried and true, it works every time. I will probably keep my water goal and my walking goal the same. And I would like to state that all new goals are in addition to previously set ones, so I’m not going to magically start drinking soda again because the week is up. We are building.

Anyway, I think that is it. I am also still looking for music to add to my running playlist. I have 18 songs on there now, but I need more. Suggestions are welcome from the maybe 3 people who read these. Daisy? 😂

We are working on moving forward even more tomorrow. Just taking this one day at a time. It’s all I can do. For now.


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