No Loss, Weigh in, Weight Loss

Day 2 – Progress. Not Perfection.

  • SW:363
  • CW:346
  • GW:295

Today I weighed in and it was not a good number, but it is mostly water weight I think, because I havent been eating that badly. I havent eaten an extra 14,000 in a week that would suggest a 4lb weight gain. I haven’t been counting calories, but you kind of know. I havent been eating out, hardly any soda, and I’ve been cooking at home more. I need to just rehydrate, decompress, and regulate my body weight. I am not worried about the number as much as getting back my old good habits. But it was a wake up call.

So according to fitbit, I have exceeded my water goal of 160oz today, and I’m still drinking. I am super proud of that. I am hoping to keep that up this week and see where it takes me. It was nice to not be thirsty and always have my cup or a water bottle near me so I didn’t have to worry about it. I practiced the plan I mentioned last night where I drink a bottle when I wake up, one before/during/after a meal, and extra whenever I wanted and it worked. So I suggest that method if you are struggling with the water life.

I started off good today with food and ended badly. I had an apple a little after I woke up, a turkey, broccoli and egg scramble that I posted on insta, and beef jerky and a pb bar after my walk. Then, this always happens, I always get so extra with dinner. It always throws me off. Instead of doing the smart thing and gettting a chicken breast with broccoli or a salad or something, I broke out the panko and made myself some fried chicken fingers… with mashed potatoes. It was a really large serving too. I paid for it though, by being way over stuffed and bloated after. Food coma at its finest. I cant remember the last time I had one. But that is definitely the last time I am going to do that for a while. I am going to be happy with regular grilled chicken from now on. It doesn’t make me feel all whaley.

I implemented my walking plan, too. Day 1 of 3 was a success. I walked my mile. My time has increased, as expected. After I was walking for a bit, around the .22 mile mark (I checked), my right calf started to get really uncomfortable and burn. That usually happened before around the .3 mile mark and subsided after. I powered through, but then my hip on my left side started to bother me. It felt stiff and it ached as I put pressure on it. Part of me wanted to stop to make sure I wasn’t going to hurt myself, but another part just told me to power through. That discomfort, too, went away. I walked the whole mile and my pace was subpar, but I haven’t been out since November 17, so I am giving myself a pass. Next walking day is Wednesday, hopefully I can improve then.

Overall, the day was ok. I’d give it a 6. I can always improve though. Tomorrow’s dinner is going to be much better than today’s, and I am looking forward to continuing to build on the good habits. It feels good to care. I can only get better.

One day at a time.


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